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VIEWVAST is an AdCasual Digital Marketing Agency.

What is AdCasual?

AdCasual is for small businesses who want high quality marketing services at an affordable price. This game changing business model is shaking up the advertising industry. Now that we are entering the Digital New World, AdCasual businesses are becoming mainstream.

Why Not Use An Official Advertising Agency?

Established advertising agencies can cost upwards of $50,000 dollars to produce online marketing campaigns. The biggest secret is most Digital Marketing Agencies don’t even advertise their services pricing. If an ad agency puts in the same amount of time and labor to produce, this does not determine to client’s cost.

There is a reason why the big Ad executives don’t want to make their costs available to the public. This is because the pricing is 100% influenced by how much their client can afford.

If you’re in the medical field or a lawyer these, “quote on quote” advertising agencies will charge you significantly more than they would a website for a pizza shop.

Unlike other industries and trades there are no unions or certifications required to practice web development and digital marketing. So, if you are uninformed to this knowledge it is not surprising to us when we hear stories of a web marketing agency charging people a small fortune.

Although this does not mean all or that we are even suggesting most official advertising agencies are shady. If you want high quality work you go to the best.

Just like if you are hungry for dinner and want the best fine dining you go to a fancy restaurant. You pay the extra expense because you know the quality is guaranteed. There is also a similar unnecessary additional few 0’s on the bill but you expect and accept it.

Why Not Outsource Your Online Marketing Overseas?

If an official advertising agency is a fancy restaurant than outsources advertising marketing would be a fast food restaurant.

There is an abundant of cheap web and graphic design labor websites available. You can find many of these website’s where freelancers work for as low as $4 dollars an hour.

Want to know why it extremely cheap to outsource marketing overseas?

It’s because the $1 USD is worth over 30 times more than the freelancers living in the middle to far eastern hemisphere. I am not saying that you won’t be able to find good freelancers over sea’s, but you pay for what you get. If you buy a $5 dollar logo, you will receive a $5 dollar logo. Plus, there is about a 10 to 12 hour time difference.

In addition, there is a lot of ways you could be taken advantage of an over sea’s freelancer without you even knowing. For example, you buy $5 dollar logo and to your surprise it is designed super-fast and the quality is outstanding. Now, you may be thinking wow why did I ever pay those big ad agencies thousands of dollars for the same thing.

85% of the time when it comes to logo design that is done overseas are produced with pre-existing elements. What this means is 99% of your logo is unoriginal and the only thing making it unique is the fact that it spells out your businesses name on it. Chances are that same logo exists in the thousands with minor edits and different text.

This is important #1 because you don’t know if they are using copy righted stock images which could end up getting you into legal trouble. Now going buying cheap logo design is costing you a fortune in lawyer fees and fines.

Another reason is who wants a logo that looks like thousands of others? Your brand identity would be in an identity crisis because there will be hundreds of other industries with your same logo.

Again, this may lead to legal trouble because if someone goes ahead and decides to get a copyright on their overseas produced logo and sees yours they will want to cash in at your expense.

Enter the solution, the AdCasual business model


Here is where AdCasual advertising and digital marketing agency comes to save the day!

You like most other small business owners can’t shell out their children’s college fund to pay for professional advertising agencies services. At the same time, you don’t want to have cheap and low quality marketing and creative services.


Learn How AdCasual Was Born!

You’re not going to seat at an expensive fancy restaurant nor are you going to settle for a high cholesterol fast food meal. Both leaving you in regret one hurting your bank account the other your health.

In the last decade a new style of restaurant has been taken over the industry. Both knocking over the fancy restaurants and the fast food joints.

As you may have already guessed they are called fast casual restaurants.

Panera Bread and Chipotle Mexican Grill are examples of fast casual restaurants. In the case of Panera Bread, you could either get a cheap sandwich at Arby’s or McDonald's as a fast food alternative. If you wanted to go high end you find yourself at a restaurant cooking up paninis triple the cost.

The fast food version of Chipotle is Taco bell. If you booked a reservation at fancy Mexican restaurant the meals are going to be 3 times smaller with a bill that is five times more expensive.

When you eat at a fast food restaurant you are getting a quick cheap meal but low in quality because it’s unhealthy.

When you eat at a fancy restaurant the food is healthier and better but very expensive.

When you eat at a fast casual restaurant like Panera or Chipotle you pay a higher price than fast food, but the quality is 100% better. You also save a lot of money but get to enjoy a meal just as good if not better than the one at the fancy restaurant. Plus, fast causal restaurants have comfortable and cozy seating in comparison to the cheap and bland furniture you find inside fast food joints.

If you haven’t come to the conclusion already AdCasual is the Panera Bread version of an advertising agency. You’re paying a little more than the fast food joint, but you know you are getting high quality work. Also, you are not getting picked up and shaken to have all of your money taken away from you by big ad agencies.

At AdCasual agencies they will make their pricing available to the public. When you order a service, you can expect it promptly and feel confident you’re getting an authentic and great product.

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