Content Development

Our online marketing services include Web Design, Online Marketing, Social Media Management, Video Animation, Content Creation and much more. We only provide the highest quality and cutting-edge work. Each project we take on, we treat as if it's our own business. You are in great hands with us. Imagi Digital are continually innovating and creating new digital technologies to increase the traffic and revenue of our clients. The Sky is the Limit. Let us know what you want, as we can create custom features and programs for you. We are your all in one go to for everything digital.

We specialize for Long Island Businesses. An example that perfectly represents this fact is our Map of Long Island Towns. It is an Interactive Map that is clickable and includes all of the Long Island Townships for example the Town of Oyster Bay or The Town of Smithtown. Because of Long Island's unique geography we added in the 5 Boroughs of New York City. Technically when you look at a map of Long Island it shows both Queens and Brooklyn connected to the island we call Long Island. This fact is true although as far as anyone living in those 2 NYC Boroughs and they will say they are 100% not. Personally I think living on Long Island is wonderful because of the clean air, nature and for the most part good people.

Custom Logo Design

Custom Logo Design and Branding Identity. Visual graphics can be an outstanding way to spread your message. We can develop a professional graphic design for content creation.

Social Media Management

If you already have Social Media Management, take it to the next level by creating a social media campaign and invest to get more followers who will lead to more sales.

We offer social media and management services where we will make your social media profile look professional and create posts that will generate interest and revenue. Social media is essential for your business's credibility. By having more likes, followers or shares, you are perceived as more credible.

Welcome to the Information Age

Social Media has revolutionized the way the world receives their information. Breaking news no longer comes from just TV, Radio and Print anymore. It comes from Social Media in an instant. If you combined all the information gathered from 2000 AD to 500 BC every 48 hours, Social Media creates that amount of data... Think about that for a second. That’s how BIG Social Media is today, and that’s why you need to be on it! Social Media also provides other values such as improving your SEO and keeping your target audience engaged.

Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing is a practice that involves both skill and luck. The key to viral marketing is to create content that people will want to share. Then the people who receive the content will want to share it as well and so on. As your content continues to be shared more and more, it will become contagious like a virus, hence why it's called viral marketing. You may ask yourself, how do I create content that will be shared with the masses? First choose your media from graphic design, video and more. People share content because they want to make themselves look better. When people share they also crave a reaction or validation through Likes, Comments, etc.

Viral Marketing Strategies 

Many types of content have left patterns of success in viral marketing. Below find common successful viral elements and why it is shared. A shocking video that stimulates laughter, love, fear or other emotions. When emotions are stimulated people take action. They will share the content because they want to some else the same emotional stimulation for many reasons.

Content that represents a cause, awareness or advocacy often goes viral when shared the reason why is because the individual will feel more important, authoritative and culturally conscious.

Informational or How to content often goes viral. This makes the individual feel they appear knowledgeable and intelligent. Music is often shared because people want to look cool or express their identity with their musical taste.

Content that is remarkable...literally. If someone has a remark for the content, they will more then likely share it to fell validation with the hope that others will agree with their comment.

Viral Marketing success is never guaranteed. I want to increase the chances of it going viral implement the successful patterns we see in viral content. Also, remember the cream always rises to the top. The more valuable the content is, the more likely it will go viral!

Animated Marketing

Video animation has been proven time and time again to be very useful. We can create a high-quality 2D animation for your business from the script, art to voicing. Want to educate your target audience? Nothing is better than an explainer or tutorial animated video to give them a hand. We specialize in 2D animation.

Video Marketing

We can create a marketing video to promote your brand or business. If you’re local to Long Island, NY or within the NYC area, we can provide filming.

Special Digital Content Creation Projects.

Do you have an idea you want to create & never seen it before? Or think its impossible to develop? We can do it. An example of our innovative genius is Gift Card Suite. The only limitation is your imagination.

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