How To Get Yelp Reviews

LEARN How to get Positive Yelp Reviews for your Local Business

Once you are finished reading this highly valuable blog post that lists out the best Top 3 Tips on to get positive Yelp reviews for your local business, take action immediately and you will see prompt results.

I usually only give this information out to our clients, but we feel like anyone who has found this has been referenced through another client or shares the our values.

If you do not care about your customer’s well-being & if you don’t like your customers, please x out of this article and never return to our website.


If you are the type of business owner that has a positive attitude and cares about your customers, excellent! We want to help more people like you to succeed in business!



These techniques have been kept a TOP SECRET to only our clients at our Long Island Web Design company because of how effective they are.


Get excited as you are about to receive amazing proven techniques on gaining positive Yelp reviews.

Oh, and before reading,


Take note that this isn’t a “how to ask for a review from customers” article.


Know this, NEVER ask for a customer or client directly for a review or testimonial. An honorable review should always be earned not asked for. Plus you will learn how that tactic can hurt you and make your companies brand look less valuable.


You will learn this so get pumped for this valuable information!

make sure you take notes!

Right now grab a pen or pencil so you are ready!

Because if act on these techniques you are 100% guaranteed to gain more positive Yelp reviews!


Tip #1  Create an Incentive  

You must MOTIVATE your customers or clients to make them ACT into giving a positive review.


Offer your customers a free product, discount, entrée, free service, etc. in exchange for a positive Yelp review. Once they leave the positive yelp review, reward them with what you promised.


To even ensure additional word of mouth, positive reviews give them something a little extra. It could be a bit more of what you already promised them, and it doesn’t matter what the other x-factor is, the power of surprise can make a customer additionally happy.


Ultimately that should be your goal, to make your customers happy :) 


Tip #2 Provide Genuine Value 

Nothing good in life comes easy. Great things in life come even harder. So you must be willing to put forth your bet efforts towards providing the best genuine value to your customers or clients.

Providing high quality value should come as common sense, but many people think just by opening their doors and offering mediocre to bad service they are still surprised why they don’t receive positive reviews on Yelp.


What you put out in the world is precisely what you will get back in return.


So take some time to reflect on your business, and ask yourself,


“Could I be providing a better service to my customers?”


The answer to that should always be yes, as there is still room for improvement. Never stop thinking of different ways to improve your customer’s buying experience.


If you want more positive reviews to provide the best value you can to your customers. You should like your customers as they are the ones putting the food on your table. Take pride in what you do, and always put your customer needs first. They’re two types of salespeople, one where the customer leaves feeling good about their decision in buying from them. The second is where the customer feels that they were manipulated into buying the product or service, and they end up getting a feeling of buyer’s remorse. You want your customers to feel happy about buying from you. So they will buy again and again, then tell others how much they enjoyed your product or service. And if you provide value that overextends their expectations, they may go out of their way to leave you a positive Yelp review.



If you are a local brick and mortar business this will work perfect for you.

Look for a customer of yours that owns or works at a local business within your area.


Make sure that this customer doesn't own a business that is in direct competition with yours otherwise this disqualifies what I am about to tell you.


If you own a Gift Shop...


Then visit non-competing businesses like a barber, restaurant or gymnasium etc.


Let me give you an example.


Let’s just say you own a Gift Shop and you have a customer who owns a nearby restaurant.

Go to their restaurant and order a meal for yourself,

Once the meal is over ask to speak with the manager/owner of that business. 


If the meal was bad and the service was lackluster cancel this out and move on to another customer that owns or works for a local business, but if the meal was excellent and the service was great than....


MAKE SURE YOU TELL the business owner or manager the meal that you were impressed with the service. When complimenting them be sure they are genuine flatteries otherwise it will seem like you being sarcastic or phony. 

Now here is the hook, tell them they are a customer of yours and now you will be a customer of theirs. This will let the business owner know about your business. Also build some rapport between you and the business owner so you create a sense of connection.

Here is the slam dunk.

With them knowing who you are, what business you own and where it is, then say this magic sentence. 


"I am going to write a positive yelp review!" 

Did you get that?

The key is to let the business owner/manager know who you are & what business you own and that YOU are GOING to write a POSITIVE review for them on YELP!

If possible write the review from your smartphone while you are still in their restaurant so you can prove it to them.


In your yelp review, include your name, so they know it’s you.


Once the business owner see's that, due to the Law of Reciprocity they will be 85% of the time they will write you a positive review back without even having to ask.

Because as humans when people give us something, we have a primal need to give them something back of equal or "X" value.

“What do you if they don't write you a positive review?”


If this is the case consider the time of day you visited. For example if you visit them at their busiest hour of the day chances are their mind is in 9 different places. To create a more intimate and a highly visible presence of yourself at their business, go when it is not busy. So this means just go a few more times if you really want the review from them.


In the case of...

“They STILL HAVEN'T written me a positive yelp review after doing the above mentioned suggestions?”

Remember, you targeted them because they were a customers of yours to start with. They will come into your store again but never return to theirs until they reciprocate. Without even speaking a word eventually the writing will be on the wall and they will do the right thing. 

If not, well than their just not good people and you can't change that.

Stick to positive people and be sure to have a good radar for spotting it.


There you are, three simple techniques that have been proven to work time and time again. Remember don’t ask for the review, earn it with these three easy to do techniques. We wish you luck and hope that you receive more positive yelp reviews!

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