Video Transcript

Have you ever…thrown a dart with a blindfold on and hit bulls eye?


More than likely you haven’t, this is why you would NEVER create an advertising campaign without knowing your target audience first.


In this post I will give you the SECRETS on how to KNOW your target audience…

Get in Field


Unless your target audience is in your office GET OUT!


Go to the location where your target audience meets.


Become a bit of a spy, and observe them.


“I left my office and now I am at the location where my target audience meets? What should I be doing while observing them?”


Identify who they are, from their gender, age, ethnicity to social class and every other aspect of their demographic.

Listen to what they are doing and saying.


Write down the choice of key words they are using mostly as well.


Their identity will play a huge role in how you will communicate with them in your advertisements.


“So I know who they are. How does this help me craft my advertisements?”

Wants and Needs

Pay attention to what your target audience wants and needs are.


If there is a gap in the market that is unrealized, this will only be found out in the field through observation.


Whether their needs are for survival, safety, belonging or self-actualization, you must optimize and tailor your ads to those specifics.


For example if your target audience is Athletes and you think their only want is to play sports, you may not realize in field that they also want a sense belonging “their team”.


With that knowledge ONLY gained in field you will be able to demonstrate not just athleticism in your ads but also a feeling of belonging.


This will make your advertisement more persuasive to your target audience which WILL create more sales.

​Most of the time you will not hit bull eyes while throwing a dart blindfolded, so you must take off that blindfold, metaphorically speaking and get into the field to fully understand your target audience.


Once you have fully identified who they are, how they speak, what their wants and needs are, THEN you will be able to communicate to them EFFECTIVELY in your advertising.