Learn About Nurse Week & Nurse Appreciation Day

Nurse Appreciation Day is a holiday that celebrates all nursing staff by showing them gratitude. It is the start of National Nurses Week which ends on International Nurse’s Day. Out of all professions nurses more than deserve these days of recognition. The Nurse celebrations start next year in 2020 on May 6th and ends May 12th.

These wonderful events for the nursing staff who care for us started in 1954. Show your nurse appreciation by reading this article on how to thank your nurse. In all reality nurses deserve a month if not the whole year! Nurses are the backbone of many medical practices and hospitals. 


We simply cannot live without nurses. If you are a nurse you are someone who cares about people. That’s who nurses are at their core.

People who want to help others and enjoy doing so. It takes a special kind of personality to become a nurse.

When you think of a nurse so much comes to mind. This is because there are so many different types of nurses. To name a few there are registered nurses, school nurses, and hospital nurses. At one or many points in your life, you have been cared for by a nurse. Nurses are our protectors of all ailments.

They are here to guide us towards a healthier life and to support individuals, families, and their communities. When you ask where you can find a nurse you can literally say everywhere! But to be more specific we list a few locations where you will find nurses most.

· Hospitals

· Doctor Offices

· Medical Offices

· Schools

· Nursing Homes

· Anywhere *Traveling Nurse

· Emergency Rooms

· Surgical Rooms

· Dental Offices

· Operating Rooms

· Patients Homes

· And many more!

Around the clock nurses are working 24/7. Its depends on the type of nurse they person is. If they are a school nurse, then normal school hours.

If they are a hospital nurse, their shifts can go up to 10 plus hours! The average occupation generally requires only up to 8 hours. Take in mind a lot of these shifts are in the middle of the night. You are truly a hard worker if your title has nurse in it.

There are many reasons why a nurse wants to become a nurse. The general reason why they want to enter the nursing field is because they want to help people. They posses character traits of care and affection.

Other reasons can be they have an interest in the profession. 


The day to day work of a nurse fascinates and intrigues some people. Whatever the reason why they have become a nurse, all we can say is we are glad we have them. They do so much for us.

On National Nurse Appreciation day be sure to go out your way for a nurse who has helped you. You can also show appreciation for a nurse who has show care and compassion someone you love.


By Imagi Digital | 2020