Why you NEED Public Relations in Advertising

#publicrelations An in depth explanation of how important public relations are to a business.

What people think of your business determines the value of your business.

We know you have heard both terms before or else you probably wouldn’t be reading this. Most believe these are two of the Public Relations and Advertising are on in the same.

The only thing is...


Although these 2 things go together like milk and cookies they are very different and it's EXTREMELY IMPORTANT you know the difference!

1. Reputation

Public Relations is about one thing and one thing only REPUTATION!

Richard Branson CEO of Virgin Mobile, Records to even Intergalactic mentioned in an interview that one of his keys to success was his reputation.

He is an eccentric billionaire, who jumps out of airplanes, and lives on a beautiful island often frequented by famous celebrities.

That is a part of his reputation and that image is what adds to his brands appeal.

Your brands image is built from your Public Relations and must be included within your advertisements. If you want people to believe you care about your products or services, ACTUALLY CARE!

And in your advertisements say YOU CARE.

Whatever you want your brands image to be, it’s IMPORTANT

to manage that reputation AT ALL TIMES!

My company has been doing well, we have been maintaining an excellent reputation…. up until we had an OH NO moment and our products got millions of people sick. What do we do now once our reputation has been put into crisis mode?

2. Restoration

If your business has an Oh No! moment were the reputation of your company goes into jeopardy because something happens you MUST ACT AND ACT FAST!

With Social Media being prevalent in today’s society, you can’t brush your company’s mistakes under the carpet and assume everyone will forget.

The first thing you must do is APOLOGIZE SINCERELY!

If people for a second think your apology is insincere they won’t believe you and it will be ineffective.

The 2nd thing you must do if this happens is you MUST TAKE ACTION to fix the problem and to show your customers/clients that you are doing everything possible to make sure this will never happen again!


In short Advertising is the means of getting your message to the people and Public Relations is maintaining a consistent message and reputation.

Now that you have read this, don’t let your company go into crisis mode. Be aware of all things that can go wrong before they do!

Also align your brands reputation and message with what you believe is best for your target audience.