Did StumbleUpon Change To MIX?


You may be confused & have questions for StumbleUpon’s new move to Mix.


Calm down & don’t stress because we have the answers for you. Towards the end, we will give you something to be excited about!


Let’s start with the Top 3 questions about StumbleUpon changing to Mix.


  1. Why did StumbleUpon change to Mix?

  2. Where is StumbleUpon?

  3. What is Mix?

If you are asking any of these questions above, we have the answers for you.

Believe it or not.

StumbleUpon has been around before Facebook & Twitter.

SU was created over 18 years ago in 2002. Since then the internet has grown by over 10 times!

The founders of StumbleUpon are these 4 dudes:

Yes, StumbleUpon has changed to Mix.com on June 30th, 2018.

It was originally conceived as a unique web search engine that became the best content discovery platform on the internet!

StumbleUpon became a great way to pass the time in the classroom or office with its dopamine rush like search feature.


Each time you clicked that magic stumble button you were brought to a new interesting page.


Web developers over the last decade has turned to StumbleUpon to boost their organic traffic.

60 Billion +


That is the number of how many times that magic stumble button has been clicked by over 40 million users.


With each click the user would be brought to a new web page which they could either thumbs up or thumbs down.


Users had the ability to bookmark their favorite web pages.


Using stumbleupon can feel very similar to playing the slot machines in Las Vegas because with each press of the button you come across a piece of content worth gold to you in that moment.

StumbleUpon Co-Founder

Garrett Camp

Born in Canada. Garret became 1 of the most successful business men of the digital age.

StumbleUpon Co-Founder

Geoff Smith

Mr. Smith held 3 important titles at StumbleUpon from CSO, CTO to the President of the company.

StumbleUpon Co-Founder

Justin LaFrance

Justin also Canadian born was 1 of the co-founders of the successful discovery platform.

StumbleUpon Co-Founder

Eric Boyd

Eric is a creative individual who thrived in Silicon Valley & also founded Sensebrige.com

StumbleUpon has been around for over sixteen years!


18 years is like a million years in internet time.


Think about all the big-name websites that came and went since then.


StumbleUpon's simple concept lasted through all the changes because of how simple & user friendly it was.

With all this success you may ask why would the founders of StumbleUpon want to try something new?

Garret Camp as mentioned one of the original co-founders of StumbleUpon wanted to continue to innovate.


As the years passed by Camp believed he could offer his established community a better service. This is how he came to create the discovery platform simply called mix.com.

If you know anything about domain names, you know more than likely Garret Camp didn’t own mix.com when he came up with the name. So, you know that three letter domain names must have cost a pretty penny.


Camp felt so strongly about his new platform so much so that on June 30th, 2018 all StumbleUpon accounts are being transitioned to Mix.com

So now that we answered why StumbleUpon is transitioning to Mix.com lets tell you where StumbleUpon will go.

The answer right now is simply, mix.com.


This can be a good or bad thing depending on who is reading this.


If you are a devoted fan of StumbleUpon & love its concept you may be disappointed. Now you will have to figure out a new way to kill time & boredom. Here are a few sites like StumbleUpon, discuvver, urlroulette or maybe it's time to get to work!


Just a suggestion 😉

If you are a web developer or an entrepreneur looking for a new business opportunity, here it is.


Literally overnight there is now a new need to fill... 

...Because the absence of StumbleUpon will certainly not go unnoticed.


Many businesses use StumbleUpon daily for online traffic. The simplicity of StumbleUpon may be preferred over mix.com by the many of the users.


Here is where you come in!


Create a NEW version of StumbleUpon!


Trust me people will check it out if its any good. If you do, please send me a link because I will miss the old StumbleUpon myself.

Finally, were arrive at our last question.

What is Mix.com?

The answer is a new & potentially better way to discover new content on the web!

Give mix.com a shot.


It might feel more rewarding than StumbleUpon.

The concept of mix.com is very similar to their old website.


Most of the differences are seen on the aesthetic level.


Mix is more user friendly & up to date with 2020 standards.


A good way to describe mix is if StumbleUpon & Pinterest had a baby.

How does this change make you feel?

Leave a comment below & to tell us!