Video Transcript

Looking for work in advertising?… There are many avenues you can take to land that job!

1. Copy Writers

As long as people are reading there will always be work for copy writing in advertising.


Copy writers cover a wide spectrums of the advertising world.


Some of your job responsibilities would be writing Press Releases and writing for all the advertisements across all the mediums from radio, TV, film, online to print.

2. Graphic Designers


Graphic designers are in HIGH demand despite popular belief.


As a graphic designer your responsibilities are for everything visual that goes into an advertisement.


So if this is your choice of field brush up on your knowledge of design elements and the color wheel.


3. Public Relations

This field has been around for a while now but is starting to become fully integrated into the advertising world.


Public Relations in short are reputation managers for the brand of the business.


It is your responsibility to project the values of the company.


This job can also be high stress because when the business’s reputation turns to a crisis mode it’s your job to save face and to SHOW THE PEOPLE you are doing everything in your power to fix the problem and how you will prevent it moving forward.

4. Social Media Experts

More and more everyday job postings are being put out for social media experts.


Advertisers follow where the eyes and ears are going in today’s FAST PAST world all of those eyes and ears are going towards social media.


The job responsibilities are to maintain and grow the audience of the business, create sale conversations from posts, and most important to maintain the brand of the company.

5. Art Directors

The Art Directors job responsibility is to be fully involved in the campaign creation process.


This job is the most involved because you will be dealing with every person who is involved in the production of your campaign creation process.


So you must know a little bit about everything and have great people skills.

Advertising is a billion dollar industry and the jobs are there, we at Viewvast are hiring right now so fill out your applications and let’s start working together!