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At Imagi Digital we offer you a mockup website at no cost at all to exclusively local Long Island businesses.

What is a Website Mockup?

A website mockup is a simple web page that is interactive that offers you a future look at your complete website.


Essentially a web mockup is the look and feel of your websites branding.


From your businesses brand colors, identity, logo and design elements.

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  Get a Free Website Mockup

Why do we offer you a Free Website Mockup?

Telling you what you website will look like and showing you are two different things. The latter of course is tremendously more effective. Our mission is to make your life easier. We believe there is more value in presenting you with a visual of your website versus taking a leap of faith and investing without seeing any type of web mockup first.

Who do we offer Free Website Mockup’s too?

We only offer Free Website Mockup’s for Local Long Island Businesses. At The Imagi Digital Company we take great pride in being a true Long Island Web Design company.

How are we the #1 Long Island Marketing Specialist.

We specialize in Long Island Marketing by being able to provide high quality Local SEO Services. With our unique, innovative, competitive and proprietary marketing strategy have the ability to provide businesses the ability to reach specific Long Island Towns, Townships and Regions. We cover the Online Main Street from Nassau County to Suffolk County.

Why Imagi Digital Cares About Long Island

At The Imagi Digital Company we became the most prolific and best Long Island Marketing Specialist simply by believing in our mission statement. We are mission focused on supporting Local Long Island Economic Growth. One of our Long Island websites being Long Island Hub we created a campaign titled Grow Local. This campaign was started with no intent on making money for our own pockets and was designed to create a movement that would support local Long Island Businesses.

What is Long Island Hub Grow Local?

Grow Local is a campaign that was born from Long Island Hub, which is one of our websites at The Imagi Digital Company. The catalyst to Long Island Hub Grow Local is essentially to support economic growth for Long Island Local Businesses.  It was started purely from the heart of the founder of Imagi Digital, Daniel Rojas. He noticed many local businesses going out of business. In recent years what bothered him most was seeing Millennial Business Owners on Long Island opening up shop to not stay in business for longer than a few months. The belief of this movement is instead of putting all of your money into big businesses which we all know goes to billionaires who control our capitalistic free market. We have no protest with those who succeed in business. Although we are in business as well and we care about supporting local businesses over big businesses. Because we believe that with an abundance of local or small businesses that well contrast big businesses their will be more economic equality and more people living wealth and perhaps a complete evaporation of the poor class through work not by hands outs!


More About Imagi Digital and You

We build creative website design because our team has an incredible imagination and intellect to match.

You may be surprised to discover this, but our company name begins with the first five letters of Imagination.

Imagi Digital.

Hopefully now you will be able to properly pronounce our companies name. As we have heard people completely butcher the name. Many of you reading this with names that aren’t Smith, Jones or Miller can relate.

The owner of The Imagi Digital Company’s name is Daniel Rojas. His last name has been mispronounced multiple times but remember what makes us different is what make us unique.

You may have begrudgingly held a chip on your shoulder your entire life for teachers doing attendance to being called on while waiting in a doctors office for the misuse of your first or last name.

Feeling different you may feel less value. If you’re reading this most likely you are in one business industry or another. With one of the most simple and important the laws of economics being supply and demand.

Having a unique or rare name makes you stand out and your name will be in high demand to the low supply.  Think about thought and see if you can extract any value of that for either your professional or personal life.