#1 WIX Review of 2020

This is the most in depth, factual and accurate Wix Review you will find online in 2020. Have you ever heard "You Need A Website For Your Business?" or tell yourself "Do I Need Custom Website Design."

Chances are you probably have.

The fact is to compete in the business world in 2020 a website is a MUST!


Business Websites are just as important as a business phone number. Without it, your potential customers or clients will never know about you or be able to contact you.

We know why up until this point you haven't built a website for your business...

It's because every time you call up a Long Island Web Design company, they want to charge you an arm & a leg!

As a web agency ourselves, we have heard the stories of our irrelevant competitor's pricing. They charge anywhere from one thousand dollars to upwards of a 100 thousand dollars!

Promising you the world, to the front page of Google, an abundance of customer support to your dream website for your business.

Some of you reading this know this is true. 

They sell you on high expectations and deliver the lowest possible results at the most money they can suck out of you.

The truth is the Web Design, and the Digital Marketing Industry is in its "wild west phase."


Other Industries it's more tamed, see our list below:

  1. Electricians

  2. Plumbers

  3. Doctors

  4. Massage Therapy Spas

  5. Restaurants


All of these about mention industries NEED some kind of certifications and or forms of validation to practice their services. Otherwise if they didn't they wouldn't be allowed to practice their trade.

With, Online Marketing and Website Development, they are NO mandatory certifications required to begin a digital marketing practice. Hence why I say it's in its "wild west phase", so be careful and on the lookout for bandits and snake oil sales man.

Of course, there does exist various certifications to add to their internet marketing companies credibility.

Any web design company earn a stockpile of valid certificates from reputable companies like:

  1. Google

  2. Microsoft

  3. Apple

  4. Facebook

  5. Adobe

  6. & more

The crucial thing to remember is all of these earned certificates of authorization are all 100% optional! Don't forget no web design or online marketing agency is mandated to have any validation proving their legitimacy. 

With that being said, be careful with which web design company you go with. Do your research, check for online reviews, call their number to see if they are a real business.


Look up online if they are a real business. Read testimonials from previous or current clients of there if not take a step more and contact them personally. 

Getting a website built can be expensive, so many may turn to the "Free route." This is the most common perceived next best thing that, in reality, is the worst possible decision for your business's branding.

Branding is how customers or clients perceive the value and credibility of your business.


For example,

Put yourself in your end users shoes.


Imagine them searching for your business on Google.


They find your free website, and it looks cheap, tacky,and spammy.

Let me ask you...

What will they think of your business?



It will reflect poorly on your business and will result in lost sales.

It is crucial to have a website that is up to date with 2020's web standards.


People do care and will decide if they want to buy from your business based on how it looks aesthetically. With over 90% of people searching the internet on their phone, it is also a must that your website is mobile friendly. 

Websites are a must, and I cannot stress that enough. A website acts as 24/7/365 salesperson. Selling your business anytime, anywhere and could be if you have one, even right this very second.


Yes, right now you could be selling with a proper website.

Before you think we are trying to sell you on our website services, trust us when I say we are not. We are highly selective and quite costly because we sell on value versus price. 

We recommend alternative & affordable custom website design solutions that can build you a beautiful website suitable for 2020.

Here are 2 sets of business lists that should never hire a web agency on a tight budget:

The 1st List is Restaurants:

Restaurants like:

  1. Delicatessens

  2. Pizzeria

  3. Mexican American Food

  4. Coffee or Cafe Shops

  5. Italian Food Restaurants

  6. Taco Stands

  7. Chinese Food Restaurants

  8. Sushi Restaurants

  9. Halal Food

  10. Greek Food

  11. Bakeries

  12. Ale Houses

  13. Fast Casual

  14. Sandwich Bars

  15. Steakhouses

  16. Taverns

  17. Nightlight Bars or Clubs

  18. Bistros

  19. Bar & Grill

  20. Buffets

  21. Pop-up Restaurants

  22. Food Trucks

Here is the 2nd List of Businesses on a tight budget that should use Wix instead of a Web Agency:

  1. Massage Therapy Spas

  2. Landscaping Services

  3. Barber Shops

  4. Hair Salons 

  5. Computer Help

  6. Gift Shops

  7. Fashion Boutiques

  8. Toy & Game Shops

  9. Comic Book & Collectable Stores

  10. Novelty & Esoteric Shops

  11. Clothing & Apparel Stores

  12. Pet Shops & Services

Believe it or not but in many cases delegating to website development and digital marketing agencies is simply a waste of money. If you're looking for Long Island Web Design but need to be as fiscal as possible then we do recommend giving WIX a try. In our evaluation of the website builder it is our favorite and this comes from real web designers that have experience with other site builders like BigCommerce, Shopify, Magento and Wordpress.

Want to know why?

You have options and don't have to take out a second mortgage on your home to invest in your business's website.

So, that begs the question.

What is your Next Best Option?

Set up a Wix Website!



If you can set up a Facebook account, then you can easily set up a Wix Website. They look just as beautiful as any other website that would cost a fortune.



Wix pricing ranges from around 10 to 30+ dollars a month. Why spend a fortune when you can easily save with this next best option? Better question, why is a web design company trying to sell you on Wix and not their services.

Our reason is simple. We are honest and have integrity. As mentioned in this article, other web design companies will suck your bank dry. If your business falls in the categories listed, we want to help you be aware of YOUR best fiscal and logical option.

With this article, we hope you will be able to spot the wolves in sheep's clothing.


In conclusion, if you're going to build a beautiful website on a tight budget, then Wix is your best option!