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Imagi Digital specializes in Long Island web design. We offer the best website design on Long Island. We are also the most successful SEO Company on Long Island. Imagi Digital is the #1 Long Island Web Design Company on Long Island, New York. We build amazing eCommerce website design, mobile website design and more. Request Free Quote Now! Every website we build is mobile friendly which is essential in 2020 because most people use their phones to search the internet over their computers. One of our top viewed websites is List of US Presidents.

Our Websites are created special to your brand and your business goals. We take great pride in our creative web design and only deliver the best quality work. We are located in Long Island, NY and have the ability to service the entire United States. One of the many things that makes us the best is the we have your best interests in mind. For example when or if you go to buy a Domain Name for your website.

With our multi-decade long combined experiences in Long Island web marketing from either working for our with other Long Island web design companies we know one thing to refreshingly true that gives us more than confidence but 100% confidence that we are simply the best Long Island website design company. No matter how big or how small the marketing company was, no matter how massive or little their Clients budget's were, at the end of the day we at Imagi Digital have the most valuable element that all of the one thousand plus other Long Island Digital Marketing Companies didn't have. That element that is the most value is talent. We're not talking about talent over seas like many if not most other agencies will hire and claim as made on Long Island. We are talking about the most talented Long Island Web Developer. Imagi Digital without a shadow of doubt has the best web developers on Long Island. The proof is in our exceptional work.

You may only think of GoDaddy but their are other options. One Domain Registrar in particular I favor the most. The domain name site is called Namecheap and I have been using them for over 10 years. The reason is simple but requires a longer explanation so read may want to read my article Namecheap VS Godaddy.

Mobile Website Design

All Websites we build are mobile friendly! Google will rank you higher in their search with a mobile site over a website that is not. Over 90% of people today use their phones over their computers for the internet, that is why we always implement mobile-friendly web design. If a potential customer or client is near your business, you will rank above your competition who does not have a mobile site.

eCommerce Website Design

Want to open an E-commerce store and begin to make money while you sleep? Start making money online by selling your products or services through an E-commerce website.

Our Websites are created special to your brand and your business goals. We take great pride in our creative web design and only deliver the best quality work. We are located in Long Island, NY and have the ability to service the entire United States.


The Best of the Best Long Island Web Design & Digital Marketing

Imagi Digital is the world's #1 cutting-edge digital marketing agency. We are regarded as the best long island web design agency. Our main headquarters is located on Long Island, NY. We are not limited to Long Island as we have clients all over the world.


We mainly focus on Website Design & Development. In addition to web design, we are experts in e-commerce sites, pay per click advertising and creating innovative digital projects. What makes our agency unique is that we are very exclusive. It’s harder to become a client at Imagi Digital than to get accepted into Harvard University. We believe in quality over quantity. If Imagi Digital were an amusement park, we would limit the number of people who can come in so there would be no lines.


Our ideal client is passionate about what they do, hardworking, communicates respectfully & cares about their customers & employees. These values are where we pay most attention when accepting new clients. We have a limited amount of available client’s openings each year.

One of our favorite clients is CPR Networks. If your are in New York & need computer repair or networking, virus removal or protection, Software & Phone Installation, you're in luck. Give CPR Networks a call today at (631) 300-6296. Make sure you say Imagi Digital recommended you & a man with a deep voice will give you a great deal.


As you can tell we go above and beyond to take care of our valued clients. If you think you match our values and would like to work with us fill out our form below. We have to get going now so thank you for your time as we appreciate it very much.

We only provide the highest quality and cutting edge work. Each project we take on, we treat as if its our own business. You are in great hands with us. Imagi Digital are constantly innovating and creating new digital technologies to increase the traffic and revenue of our clients.

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